I Need Help with Cloud Planning


Cloud adoption should always begin with thoughtful planning and preparation. Your Blue Sentry team will conduct a series of workshops with your organization to align your business objectives with your cloud strategy. Once business objectives are clearly understood, we will work with you to develop a strategy for governance, security and operations as well as a people strategy including training, staffing and the establishment of a center of excellence. Finally, we will look at your workloads and platforms to determine the optimal roadmap to maximize value to your organization.

The key deliverables in this theme include:

  1. A migration business case and value proposition
  2. A reference architecture for your cloud environment
  3. The formation of a center of excellence where appropriate
  4. A comprehensive cloud operating model
  5. A control map for security and compliance
  6. Portfolio discovery and migration plan with road map and timelines


Learn how Troutman Sanders eMerge worked with Blue Sentry to plan and prepare its migration to the cloud.