Dispatch from re:Invent, Day Two: Partners Pump Lifeblood into AWS Cloud

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What do superhero Band-Aids, and millions of people attending the victory celebration for the World Series champion Chicago Cubs, have in common? Both have optimized for success through the AWS Cloud using an AWS Partner company, according to Terry Wise, vice president at AWS and the host of the Global Partner Summit, part of the massive AWS re:Invent gathering going …

National Technology Company Migrates to AWS Cloud With Blue Sentry Cloud

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When a National Technology Company needed to migrate to the AWS Cloud, they called upon Blue Sentry Cloud to facilitate a smooth transition. Today, Blue Sentry Cloud and partners like CloudHealth provide next-generation managed services to help them succeed and grow its enterprise. Click now to watch the video testimonial featuring Mike Shaughnessy, LogicBay’s chief operating officer.

Building the Perfect Cloud: Three Keys to Optimizing Your AWS Environment

Jeff Martin Amazon Web Services, Cloud Technology, Cloud Transformation

In the history of sandwich making, no moment stands out more prominently than the day that peanut butter met jelly. Though history isn’t clear on which was invented first, we can assume that one of these ingredients had to live a very inauspicious existence – toiling away in relative obscurity, until the other was conceived. For all those years, a …

Cloud Transformation, Part Two: Write Your Own Fairy Tale

Jason Losh Amazon Web Services, Cloud Technology, Cloud Transformation, DevOps

So, are you ready to be a game-changer? In Part 1 of our cloud transformation series, we discussed the case for you to consider – right now – resolving to begin your migration to the cloud. We KNOW that your competitors who have already made the transformation are shifting the paradigm almost daily. For most enterprises, staying competitive in this …

Cloud Transformation – For the Win

Jason Losh Amazon Web Services, Cloud Technology, Cloud Transformation, DevOps, Managed Service Provider

What do you stand to gain from the cloud? I’m going to show my age here, but 30 years ago, my first computer was a Commodore 64 – a squat, brown, typewriter-looking machine that still holds the record for the single-highest-selling computer model of all time, according to Guinness World Records. I can still remember having to insert the 5-¼ …

Deploying Swagger-UI to S3 using Terraform

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I use Terraform by Hashi Corp. almost exclusively — not just for standing up entire environments, but also for continuous deployment of EC2 instances, Lambda functions, and even static S3 websites. Recently, I was asked to host the Swagger UI on a private s3 bucket. I immediately started writing a reusable Terraform module for this job. The purpose of this …