Blue Sentry

Blue Sentry was founded for one purpose: To help businesses achieve transformational cloud maturity on the Amazon Web Services Cloud (AWS) – faster, with less risk, and for less cost than if they were to undertake the cloud journey on their own.

Cloud maturity is a journey, and every organization starts in a different place with a different destination in mind. Whether your workload is an IoT application with Big Data, a web application, or anything in between, we have designed our business to assist you. We have identified seven “Themes” that, in our experience, present obstacles for most AWS users to reaching the full cloud promise.

Blue Sentry is a Premier Consulting Partner and an AWS Managed Service Partner, DevOps Competency Partner, Data & Analytics Competency Partner, and Migration Competency Partner.  We have audited competencies in DevOps and Workload Migration.


Embedded Agile Transformation Team

If your goal is to transform your IT organization to achieve tangible business-aligned results without the risk and the learning curve normally associated with such an undertaking, the Embedded Agile Transformation Team was designed for you.

Your team will consist of named engineers led by someone with ALL currently-offered AWS certifications. The skill sets on your team cover ALL of the Transformation Themes that can help you achieve full cloud maturity. Blue Sentry Embedded Agile Teams work alongside your internal team day in and day out to affect knowledge transfer and best practice excellence while rapidly executing your transformation.

Choose to purchase only the amount of a team’s capacity that you need to achieve your objectives. Or use an Embedded Agile Team to create a center of excellence in your organization to seed the skill sets and best practices that ensure success.

Learn More About How an Embedded Agile Transformation Team Works