Agile Transformation Teams

Need to transform your IT organization to align with your company’s business objectives and achieve results without the risks and steep learning curve that normally comes with big changes?  Blue Sentry’s unique, embedded Agile Transformation Team was designed for you.

Your Blue Sentry Agile Transformation Team of four named engineers will be led by a Senior Engineer Team Leader.  All of our engineers hold multiple certifications, including multiple platform certifications for AWS, Microsoft, GCP, as well as, specialized microservices certifications like Kubernetes.  Your team will be assembled to meet your specific objectives. Our teams work side-by-side with your internal team to allow you to move as fast as needed with the confidence that you have the support of Blue Sentry’s experienced team behind you.  Additionally, we give you the flexibility to engage our teams on a fractional basis in order to meet your specific budget. And you can scale your Blue Sentry Agile Transformation team up or down to align with your specific budget and/or deployment schedule.

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