Do More with More: Better Security, Stronger Performance, Lower Cost

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We thought it would be helpful to outline how Blue Sentry can apply cloud IaaS to your business to greatly enhance your capability and freedom with no trade offs.  Take a look at our new video and tell us what you think. Blue Sentry is an advanced-tier Amazon Web Services (AWS) consulting partner specializing in application and data migrations, expert …

Workmail, Workdocs and Workspaces: AWS Moves Further Up The Stack

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Yesterday AWS announced the preview of Workmail, an Outlook-compatible email and calendaring service priced at $4 per mailbox and scheduled to launch in 2Q 2015. When the news broke, most of the talk was AWS was becoming distracted by the success of Office 365 and embarking on an impossible bid to unseat Microsoft Office 365. But when you dig a …

AWS Introduces Workmail Preview

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Today AWS introduced the preview of Workmail, a fully Outlook compatible email and calendaring service accessible from anywhere and priced at $4 per user per month.  Combined with workspaces could it give Office 365 a run for its money? Stay tuned as we test for comparison of features and performance.

The IaaS Provider With Highest Up Time: The Other Half Of The Story

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Brandon Butler of Network World is one of my favorite bloggers on cloud topics. His post comparing up time of the major cloud providers in 2014, highlights the CloudHarmony statistics comparing nearly every major provider.  He gives a great non-biased presentation of the numbers, which speak for themselves. CloudHarmony maintains a single web server in each region or availability zone …

Are Cloud Desktops Here to Stay?

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Certainly the most popular product requested by our clients are desktops in the cloud.   Law firms and other companies that have distributed workforces or the need to work “on the go” love the convenience of remote desktop access.  While Blue Sentry offers a high performance and economical cloud desktop that can even be HIPAA compliant if necessary, there are many …

Survey Says … Cloud Adoption Booming for Global Business Leaders

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In December, KPMG released the results of its annual survey on cloud computing. The survey, which collected and analyzed responses from over 500 executives in financial services, healthcare, retail and other industries worldwide, focused on increases in cloud services adoption, the catalysts driving those increases and how businesses are utilizing cloud computing in new ways. You can read the full …

Was Gordon Moore Arguing for Cloud IaaS in 1965?

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The other day over lunch a client and I were discussing Cloud IT and he observed that Moore’s Law demanded that his company adopt cloud IaaS.  I had never thought of Moore’s Law in this context, but after that lunch I see it in a new light.  Most people know that Gordon E. Moore, co-founder of Intel proposed his now …

Microsoft Azure announces most powerful instances to date

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Microsoft Azure has announced the general availability of their new G instances. These are their most powerful cloud instances to date. The new G-series instances go up to 32 cores, 448 GiB of RAM, and 6,596 GB of local SSD storage.  At the lower end these G instances may be suitable for running Remote Desktop Session Hosts all the way …

The Silver Lining: Security Lessons from the Sony Hack

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Now that the dust is settling around last month’s Sony Pictures hack, companies around the globe are asking “How can we avoid such a devastating data breach?” The emerging answer seems to be cloud computing. The resources that the leading cloud providers – such as Amazon Web Services (aws) and Microsoft Azure – have committed to security is unmatched and …

Sustainable Computing: An Emerging Reality on Amazon Web Services

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More and more companies are becoming concerned with the amount of power they are consuming and the effect it may have on our planet. For many companies nothing consumes more power than the IT footprint. Even apart from other cloud benefits such as, better security, lower cost, increased performance for remote work experience, HIPAA compliance etc., reducing carbon footprint may …