Counting on the Cloud: AWS Continues to Leads the Pack in Public Cloud Reliability

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Cloud providers and their consumers know that the secret sauce for an effective cloud solution combines superior IT performance with meaningful cost savings. A key ingredient of the performance piece is the reliability offered by the chosen cloud environment. While consumers’ growing expectation for bullet-proof reliability is driving many cloud providers to make improvements, Amazon Web Services (AWS) continues to …

Cloud Computing is Becoming a “Major” Part of Higher Education

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As companies across the globe shut down their on-prem servers in favor of cloud infrastructure and the benefits thereof, the skills and know-how required of the information technology professionals these companies employ is evolving. Thankfully, many institutions of higher learning are responding to this changing landscape. Already, most major colleges and universities offer ample courses related to cloud computing. Some …

AWS Introduces Workmail Preview

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Today AWS introduced the preview of Workmail, a fully Outlook compatible email and calendaring service accessible from anywhere and priced at $4 per user per month.  Combined with workspaces could it give Office 365 a run for its money? Stay tuned as we test for comparison of features and performance.