Forrester Completes Its Wave Study of Cloud IaaS Security

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Forrester Research recently completed its WAVE study of cloud IaaS providers’ security. Although many IaaS providers were invited only 4 agreed to participate—AWS, Azure, IBM and CenturyLink. The study was thorough and discloses specific factors and how they were weighted when evaluating a provider’s security. The study (as it should) takes a very skeptical position as evidenced in the follow …

5 Capabilities of a Private Cloud That Every Firm Should Focus On

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The terms Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud and Public Cloud are by now very familiar to all of us. We have often heard CTOs of the global enterprise speak in suspicious terms of public cloud and the security thereof, extolling the virtue of their home-built private clouds. But now we see in some recent data the growth of ”private clouds” stagnating …

Do More with More: Better Security, Stronger Performance, Lower Cost

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We thought it would be helpful to outline how Blue Sentry can apply cloud IaaS to your business to greatly enhance your capability and freedom with no trade offs.  Take a look at our new video and tell us what you think. Blue Sentry is an advanced-tier Amazon Web Services (AWS) consulting partner specializing in application and data migrations, expert …

AWS Introduces Workmail Preview

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Today AWS introduced the preview of Workmail, a fully Outlook compatible email and calendaring service accessible from anywhere and priced at $4 per user per month.  Combined with workspaces could it give Office 365 a run for its money? Stay tuned as we test for comparison of features and performance.

The Silver Lining: Security Lessons from the Sony Hack

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Now that the dust is settling around last month’s Sony Pictures hack, companies around the globe are asking “How can we avoid such a devastating data breach?” The emerging answer seems to be cloud computing. The resources that the leading cloud providers – such as Amazon Web Services (aws) and Microsoft Azure – have committed to security is unmatched and …

The Forecast is Cloudy for HIPAA-Covered Entities

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As the popularity of all things “cloud” is skyrocketing, more and more industries are considering adoption of cloud technology. For the healthcare industry, HIPAA compliance presents some unique obstacles to enjoying the benefits of cloud IaaS. In addition to the requirements that apply to all HIPAA data processing, two specific requirements present challenges to would-be cloud adopters: All applications which …