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Success Story: Enabling Customer Agility During COVID-19 Shutdown

Lee Hylton Amazon Web Services, Case Studies, Cloud Commuting, Kubernetes, Remote Work Experience, Testimonials

The Coronavirus and COVID-19 infection have completely upended our society, and businesses are scrambling to cope. Though technology companies are well positioned to handle a shifting of resources from the worksite to remote, for some, it still takes some quick strategy and deployment to do this effectively. I wanted to share with you a recent deployment we managed for one …

Deconstructing Decentralized Teams

Brad Campbell Amazon Web Services, Cloud Commuting, Cloud Technology, Remote Work Experience

When I think about successful companies that “work together” to get things done, the word “collaboration” always coalesces in my mind. And with it comes images of people working together: these images often take the shape of people huddling around a computer, pondering together over some difficult engineering problem in front of a whiteboard, or pounding out some issue in …