Cloud Managed Services

Once your workloads are successfully deployed in the cloud, Blue Sentry’s managed services team has the experience to take you to Next Generation operations on day one. Blue Sentry's Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) team designs our services to remove the risk and learning curve that any team must face when learning to manage in a new way.  Blue Sentry is an audited Managed Service Partner for AWS and has deep expertise in managing Microsoft workloads on multiple cloud platforms. We support many cloud-native workloads, especially containerized microservices. Find out more about our Kubernetes-as-a-Service (KaaS).  In addition, our SRE team provides services to all of our managed service customers and establishes regular cadences to review your environment for best practices and AWS Well Architected program patterns.

Rather than merely reacting to issues as they happen at the infrastructure level, we integrate monitoring at the application level to predict and eliminate issues before they affect your users. Blue Sentry combines predictive monitoring with machine learning to establish dynamic thresholds for your alerts so that alerts never become irrelevant to your team. Where appropriate, we automate self-healing in your environment. Once your logs are aggregated in a central location, we establish fleet management and automated change management.

Our monitoring tools can integrate with AWS and other cloud services at the API level to allow you to adopt scalable services and still get the monitoring data that you need to operate effectively even in a dynamically-scaling environment where infrastructure is rarely static. Combining these measures with world-class tagging and governance strategies and real-time cost management capabilities, we can help you achieve the full promise of the cloud for all of your workloads.

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