Let’s face it — flexibility and speed to market are critical in today’s competitive marketplace.  If you are not delivering innovation to your customers faster than your competition, your customers will turn to your competitors.  A DevOps approach to development is necessary to speed the introduction of new features and products in order to protect and grow your business.  Blue Sentry has skilled teams of engineers who virtually embed with your team using an Agile approach to speed your development process and provide industry-leading best practices for security, scalability and reliability.  Find our more about our unique engagement model.

Your Blue Sentry transformation team will design and implement “infrastructure-as-code” templates to automate the creation of your network topology, compute, storage, security, and other cloud-native services for the deployment of your workload. These templates may be used for low-cost test environments that mirror production, or for low-cost disaster recovery. We will establish best practice build processes and source control for both infrastructure and application code and establish a continuous integration process, including not only the appropriate source control but also unit tests, static analysis, security scanning, and immediate feedback loops. Your Blue Sentry Transformation Team will also consult with you and execute automated continuous delivery methodologies to ensure faster time to market.

The goal is to provide automated “full-stack” workload deployment, minimizing the time and overhead required to move from idea to product feature and to maximize the time your engineering team spends developing value for your customer. We will guide your team in the adoption of the “Transformation Trifecta”: DevOps culture and process; Agile ceremonies and processes; and cloud infrastructure services.

For more information on our DevOps approach and how we can help your team, contact us.