DevOps Services

Let’s face it — flexibility and speed to market are critical in today’s competitive marketplace. If you are not delivering innovation to your customers faster than your competition, your customers will turn to your competitors. 

A DevOps approach to development is necessary to speed the introduction of new features and products in order to protect and grow your business. Blue Sentry has skilled teams of engineers who virtually embed with your team using an Agile approach to speed your development process and provide industry-leading best practices for security, scalability, and reliability. Find out more about our unique engagement model.

DevOps as a Service

Blue Sentry provides DevOps as a Service to support your dynamic infrastructure needs so that your team can focus on those tasks that truly drive your business and improve your software and/or production workloads. Let us handle the undifferentiated heavy lifting so that your team can focus on new features and products. Our team can help to ensure that your infrastructure is reliable, more secure, and scalable while shortening your development life cycle.

With Blue Sentry’s fractional team pricing, you can have the expertise of multiple experts for less than the cost of one in-house FTE. And, if your goal is to grow the expertise of your own infrastructure team, Blue Sentry will provide training and knowledge transfer through our Cloud Center of Excellence. Get started today for less than it would cost you to recruit, hire and train an FTE. Through DevOps consulting for AWS, we eliminate the challenges of managing DevOps tasks in the cloud by doing it for you, allowing your team to focus on advancing your business. With our DevOps consulting services, we can help you deliver applications more quickly, securely, and affordably.

Integration of DevOps practices into your business model improves outcomes and offers a number of additional business benefits.

The advantages of a DevOps approach to cloud include:

  • Fast delivery time: With an efficient CI/CD pipeline, software development moves quickly and smoothly. By promoting a highly collaborative environment, DevOps allows for quick and ongoing feedback, fixing any potential glitches and promoting faster releases.
  • Market Responsiveness: This capability allows for rapid innovation and helps companies adapt to changing markets for better growth, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Deploying features that drive business results and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Reliability: Using Blue Sentry’s tested code repository and infrastructure expertise, your environment will be more reliable and your deployments stable.
  • Scale: DevOps automation helps manage complex systems at scale for efficient development, testing, and production.

With Blue Sentry's DevOps consulting services, you can stay ahead of your competition and provide customers with more compelling offerings. We know that technology is not the end goal. It’s business outcomes. That’s why we align our teams and our engagement model to support your organization’s ultimate business goals.

Agile Transformation Teams

Our Agile Transformation Teams are comprised of four engineers, all holding advanced and professional-level certifications on the most in-demand cloud platforms and cloud native tools. Through our fractional team pricing, you can have the expertise of an entire team for less than the cost of one FTE. Whether you approach all of your workloads from a cloud native perspective, or you are just beginning your cloud journey, our experts can help you evaluate the benefits and costs up front, migrate seamlessly and efficiently, and iterate using the latest cloud native tools like microservices, including containerized workloads deployed on Kubernetes. As an audited AWS Managed Service Partner we can also manage your environment to ensure optimization, cost control, and security. Our SREs are available 24/7 to support your needs.

Skip the learning curve and eliminate the risks of costly mistakes. Know your projected costs before migration and ensure that your migration and deployments are smooth and timely.  Working with an experienced cloud partner removes uncertainties and shortens timelines. Blue Sentry can also train your infrastructure team to help you develop your own in-house expertise.

Blue Sentry's DevOps Consulting Services

Your Blue Sentry transformation team will design and implement “infrastructure-as-code” templates to automate the creation of your network topology, compute, storage, security, and cloud native services for the deployment of your workloads. Using these templates and protecting them as “immutable artifacts” eliminates human error and allows you to deploy and scale with confidence. Quickly spin up low-cost test environments that mirror production, implement disaster recovery or deploy production workloads. All can be easily done and you can trust that security, performance and reliability are “baked in” to every deployment so there is no need to recreate the wheel each time a new need arises. 

Your CI/CD pipeline is as critical to your business health as a primary artery is to your own well-being. We can work with your team to establish best practices and to build processes and source control for both infrastructure and application codes to ensure that your CI/CD pipeline flows without a glitch. 

The goal is to provide automated “full-stack” workload deployment, minimizing the time and overhead required to move from idea to product feature and to maximize the time your engineering team spends developing value for your customers. We will guide your team in the adoption of the “Transformation Trifecta" -- DevOps culture and process, Agile ceremonies and processes, and transformative cloud infrastructure services.

Why Outsource Infrastructure in the DevOps Process?

Let’s face it. We all have limited time and we must focus that time on our most productive activities. For cloud infrastructure your team may be able to “figure it out” given enough time and a few experiments. But is that really the best use of resources? Many of our customers come to us after first attempting to build their infrastructure themselves only to have lackluster results. In the end, after cost overruns and extended timelines, they want to work with a partner who has the expertise and experience to do it right from the beginning. Even if your ultimate goal is to manage your own infrastructure, it can be cost-effective to work with a partner to set up your workloads, establish your infrastructure code, and set up proper governance. For those who would prefer to stay focused on their highest business priorities and not be distracted by managing infrastructure, Blue Sentry provides a turnkey solution with 24/7  support. Your team is free to work on your core product or service while we support your environment with industry-leading infrastructure solutions. 

Blue Sentry is an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, audited AWS Managed Service Provider, and a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider (KCSP) — which means you can trust us to support all of your cloud infrastructure needs. We serve mid-market and enterprise-level companies, many with HITRUST environments in financial services and healthcare.

Still wondering about working with Blue Sentry? For more information on our DevOps approach and how we can help your team, contact us.

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