Financial Services Expertise

Organizations Blue Sentry specializes in helping financial services firms, including fintech, banking, finance and insurance, take full advantage of public cloud infrastructure and cloud native technologies. We understand the unique security and privacy requirements that are part of any financial services enterprise. Blue Sentry has extensive experience helping customers with payment processing, deployment of customer-facing tools, and other HITRUST workloads.  We also know that financial services firms usually operate under razor-thin margins. Through our proven engagement model, we can help you plan, deploy and maintain workloads and cutting-edge microservices on leading public cloud infrastructure like AWS for less than you could recruit, hire and train an internal FTE.  Our engineers hold multiple public cloud certifications and have extensive experience in financial services. Find out what our financial services customers have to say about working with Blue Sentry.

Blue Sentry assures customers of regulatory compliance while allowing developers to push code changes to their environments in real-time with 0% downtime

Blue Sentry engineers build everything from the ground up with an Infrastructure as Code approach.  Using our in-house developed best practice Terraform templates we start with known good security models that are guaranteed to meet regulatory requirements.  Using this approach allows our engineers to integrate infrastructure into either existing or new greenfield CI/CD pipelines, which empowers the development team to push new changes without fear of introducing security vulnerabilities.  If you are beholden to a regulatory compliance framework, this approach also makes things easier when it is time for audit and attestation from your third party firm.  Once initial attestation is passed, you simply need to hand over the Git history of the repo where the infrastructure code is stored along with the history for your code repositories and auditors can quickly and easily ascertain that all changes made to a given environment meet and or exceed the regulatory requirements.  For financial services firms, this speed to market while ensuring compliance is the key to develop new features in a fast-changing landscape while guaranteeing security and limiting the chance of unintentional changes that may run foul of PCI or PII data protection requirements.

Blue Sentry helps Financial Services with Cloud Native Solutions and Cloud Migration

Our engineers can help financial services firms with all stages of cloud adoption from planning and migration of existing application stacks to cloud-native greenfield projects that take advantage of the power and efficiency of the latest microservice technologies. Let us help you with the undifferentiated heavy lifting of cloud infrastructure while your team focuses on those tasks that drive business and impact your bottom line directly. And, if your team is looking for a partner to train them in cloud infrastructure, we can provide knowledge transfer on industry best practices through our Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE).

Get up and running quickly and confidently by using Blue Sentry to help you deploy cutting edge cloud-native solutions such as a completely secure, scalable, and easy to maintain Kubernetes cluster framework utilizing EKS on AWS to run modern-day, service-oriented architecture application platforms. 

Ensure that your environment is always compliant even while quickly deploying new features and services. We employ an Infrastructure as Code (IaC) approach using proven and reliable code from our extensive code repo to build secure, compliant environments that meet all regulatory and industry compliance needs.  Approaching everything from an IaC perspective allows us to move quickly but provide an audit trail for every change made to your environment so that you can be confident while moving fast to stay ahead of your competition.

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