SafeFlex Data Service

Is your IT team spending their time building value for your business... or distracted by managing data in multiple places and different formats requiring discrete access and multiple compliance regimes?

Data is the lifeblood of any modern enterprise but often teams tasked with managing that data spend most of their time on activities that don’t build value. While necessary and critical, activities such as monitoring, versioning, backups and security audits take a lot of time and do not directly contribute to new products or value for your customers. They are obstructions in your value stream. There is a better way to work.

Regain time for your team to devote to developing software, analyzing data for new insights, and directly supporting the business goals of your organization while Blue Sentry handles the time-consuming drudgery of database maintenance and cloud infrastructure for you. Working this way removes obstacles from your value stream and clears the path for activities that directly support your customers and contribute to your profits. It is seamless and less costly than you might think.

Today, even the smallest companies are collecting outsized amounts of data. Many organizations do not have the budget to hire a full-time DBA or Cloud Data Engineer to handle routine tasks, automate processes or fix database issues. For far less than the cost of an in-house resource, we can support your data environment.

Blue Sentry’s SafeFlex Data Service seamlessly supports your team just like an internal Cloud Data Engineer or DBA but at a reduced cost with added benefits like 24/7 support from a team of database and cloud infrastructure pros. SafeFlex features include: 

  • 24/7 monitoring of database activity, including immediate identification and investigation of blocking processes and long-running queries  
  • Real-time version upgrades of your database software 
  • Monthly security audit to ensure data is encrypted, accessible to appropriate users and protected from accidental deletion
  • Ongoing database maintenance to ensure consistency and to rebuild indices (as needed)

You can achieve the full promise of the cloud for your databases and operate with the confidence that you are being supported by industry pros who care about your success. The Blue Sentry team:

  • Manages your data no matter where it is located, including any major cloud provider, in multiple regions, or on-site. Blue Sentry is a Premier AWS Consulting Partner and audited Managed Service Partner holding a number of AWS competencies, a Google Cloud Partner, Kubernetes Certified Service Provider and has extensive experience working with Microsoft environments in the cloud.
  • Is experienced working with HITRUST environments, including HIPAA, SOC-2 and FedRAMP
  • Includes experienced cloud DBAs and DevOps engineers who are pros in Infrastructure as Code (IaC), CI/CD, and microservices like Docker containers on Kubernetes
  • Will maintain your data layer using IaC automation and proven processes to ensure reliability, faster recovery and DevOps best practices
  • Utilizes DevOps teams of expert engineers holding multiple certifications, priced on a fractional basis, utilizing an Agile working methodology

Blue Sentry’s SafeFlex Data Service is a perfect fit for:

  • Companies that do not need or cannot afford a full-time DBA and/or Cloud Infrastructure Team
  • Overflow support during periods of heightened demand
  • Coverage for DBAs who are on extended leave
  • Companies that do not need an on-site DBA but require monitoring and maintenance of their databases





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