Migration Services

Moving to Amazon Cloud might seem simple. You replace your existing infrastructure with an Amazon Cloud environment and, instantly, your business is able to take advantage of the scalability, security and reliability of Amazon’s hyperscale cloud. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.

Next-generation infrastructure requires next-generation thinking about your technology and the role it plays in your business. You don’t put a Tesla engine in the body of a 1998 Pontiac, pop in the battery, and call it progress. The entire concept of a Tesla requires a new design. Migration is an intentional process that begins with an assessment of your business objectives. Our team includes experts that have been through the process many times with other businesses. We get you to the Amazon Cloud quicker than you could on your own. More importantly, our AWS-certified experts will work with you to design and architect the optimum environment to maximize the benefits of Amazon Cloud for you. Don’t risk your career moving critical infrastructure to the cloud without a comprehensive plan. Fortunately, the Blue Sentry team is here to make your cloud migration process smooth, speedy and successful. We ensure that the power of Amazon Cloud propels your business forward instead of overwhelming infrastructure from your old environment.