2 Questions to Answer When You Suspect Cloud IaaS Has Stopped Making Financial Sense

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Today I came across an old article by Cade Metz on Wired from 2013 chronicling the experience of some well-known start-ups on the public cloud. The companies highlighted, which included Uber, Zynga, MemSQL and others, had started on Amazon Web Services only to find that, as their business scaled, their AWS bills grew to such a size that self-managed infrastructure …

Control Your Data Security: The Shared Responsibility Model

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If your firm is serious about data security and you want to move to cloud IaaS, AWS offers the most control.  But with control comes responsibility.  While AWS ensures the security OF the cloud, you must ensure your security IN the cloud.  Get a good summary of how it works with this great AWS video on the Shared Responsibility Security …

AWS Introduces Workmail Preview

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Today AWS introduced the preview of Workmail, a fully Outlook compatible email and calendaring service accessible from anywhere and priced at $4 per user per month.  Combined with workspaces could it give Office 365 a run for its money? Stay tuned as we test for comparison of features and performance.

The IaaS Provider With Highest Up Time: The Other Half Of The Story

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Brandon Butler of Network World is one of my favorite bloggers on cloud topics. His post comparing up time of the major cloud providers in 2014, highlights the CloudHarmony statistics comparing nearly every major provider.  He gives a great non-biased presentation of the numbers, which speak for themselves. CloudHarmony maintains a single web server in each region or availability zone …

Survey Says … Cloud Adoption Booming for Global Business Leaders

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In December, KPMG released the results of its annual survey on cloud computing. The survey, which collected and analyzed responses from over 500 executives in financial services, healthcare, retail and other industries worldwide, focused on increases in cloud services adoption, the catalysts driving those increases and how businesses are utilizing cloud computing in new ways. You can read the full …