Theme 5: Big Data and Data Maturity


Big Data

What is Big Data?  Big Data refers to any volume of, velocity of, or variety in, your data that is too great to address with traditional tools.

Data sets are growing: Since 90% of the data that exists today was created in the past two years (see graphic), it has become obvious that scalable tools to address Big Data challenges are a must.  Blue Sentry has the expertise and experience to apply AWS services to any Big Data challenge.

Data Maturity

For most workloads, databases are the greatest impediment to scalability and cost savings. To achieve these important goals for your organization, scalable cloud services and low cost platforms are preferable to traditional vertically-scaled, proprietary platforms. Blue Sentry will conduct a thorough review of your data tier, separating hot reads, key value stores, log aggregation, business intelligence, and online transaction processing (OLTP). Your transformation team will recommend and execute on the appropriate service for each specific data operation to ensure high availability, low recovery point objectives, maximum scalability and performance, and maximum cost optimization.

The key deliverables in this theme include:

  1. Segregation and migration of data tier components to the appropriate AWS services
  2. Detailed cutover and migration plan
  3. Backup schedule and restore operation frameworks
  4. Performance monitoring metrics and alarms

Learn more about the Big Data challenges that Blue Sentry has addressed for its clients.

iSentium needed a way to ingest and process a “galactic” amount of data into actionable indicators that could be used by its client base. Blue Sentry developed a cloud-based Big Data solution that can seamlessly scale, on-the-fly, based upon an ever-fluctuating amount of consumer demand.

Please click here to read the full case study.

Upside Travel Director of Engineering Emily Dresner faced a mammoth challenge – to build a scalable travel engine that could ingest and assimilate terabytes of data every day without the need to constantly provision new storage, an industry-changing mobile application, and a rapid-value delivery pipeline for new product features, all in a very short time frame.

Please click here to read the full case study.