Theme 2: Workload Migration


Blue Sentry understands how critical it is that your first cloud migration be an overwhelmingly positive experience for your organization. Building upon the planning and preparation theme, as we deploy your compute environment, we will give careful consideration to your existing performance benchmarks and infrastructure quantities and sizing to provision the appropriate resources in the cloud. We will also review security and compliance requirements, as well as your governance and cost-management strategies. Next, we will write the infrastructure code to deploy your stack according to your reference architecture; we will migrate your workloads and test extensively to refine performance before final cutover.

The key deliverables in this theme include:

  1. Infrastructure stack deployment code templates
  2. Tested deployment of production workloads
  3. Full documentation and knowledge transfer
  4. Complete cutover of identified workloads to established AWS services
  5. Monitoring and support planning workshop
Learn how Blue Sentry helped LogicBay achieve its migration to the AWS Cloud.