Theme 3: Security Best Practices


Security operations in a scalable cloud environment requires a fundamental paradigm shift from a traditional on-premise or collocated model. If you simply migrate your existing security architecture tools and architecture into your cloud environment, you may sacrifice the benefits that drove you to adopt cloud in the first place. To avoid this, Blue Sentry will conduct a thorough assessment of your security posture, with scalability and cost management in mind. We will map all of your required compliance controls to specific measures in the cloud. We will then reduce your security architecture to infrastructure deployment code templates, which your center of excellence can use to ensure compliance across disparate workload owners in your organization.

Once we have ensured that your security architecture will be deployed uniformly and consistently, we will automate continuous compliance review, alerts, and actions to protect against new vulnerabilities that could result from human action in day to day operations. Finally, we will integrate the appropriate operational tools and services from the Amazon partner ecosystem to ensure world-class day-to-day threat prevention, detection, and response.

The key deliverables in this theme include:

  1. Compliance control map
  2. Reference architecture outlining security design
  3. Templated infrastructure deployment code
  4. Automated guardrails for continuous compliance
  5. Monitoring schedules and notifications for guardrails with escalations
  6. Log aggregation strategy and implementation
  7. Installation of operational tools
  8. Integration of appropriate tools from ecosystem partners

Learn how Blue Sentry engineered a secure DevOps environment for Pharmaceutical Dimensions, an inventory management company dealing in very sensitive consumer information.