Is your infrastructure helping you grow or distracting your team?

For SaaS companies and other enterprises that rely on fast and reliable code deployment, handling the infrastructure layer can be a task that ranges from a necessary nuisance to an outright crisis. Often one team of engineers has to maintain infrastructure as a “side job” in addition to their primary responsibility of writing code that drives real value for their organizations. In startups and smaller organizations without a dedicated platform team, infrastructure management falls to whoever on the team has a little extra time or draws the short straw. Even with third-party tools to manage some of the technology, the task can be overwhelming. Automated tools can be part of the solution but without devoted human oversight, these tools are like an orchestra without a conductor.

Too often important infrastructure items slip through the cracks. Do you know your true risks? Opportunities for improvement and cost containment? A Well-Architected Review (WAR) based on AWS’s framework of the Five Pillars for success can reveal hidden exposures, as well as, opportunities to improve your environment.

Sample Conformity Compliance Tracker Report


Blue Sentry offers a no-cost review of your infrastructure. As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, Blue Sentry will evaluate your environment based on the five pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework:

  1. Operational Excellence -- the speed of your value stream
  2. Security -- protecting your data and applications
  3. Reliability -- ensuring the best possible user experience, every time
  4. Performance -- increasing the efficiency of your cloud resources
  5. Cost Optimization -- minimizing the costs of operation

This is a no-risk, no-obligation offer. You will receive a detailed list of best practices and recommended fixes and optimizations. AND, if your environment qualifies, you will also receive 20 free hours of remediation engineering. To take advantage of this limited-time offer, contact us today.

Blue Sentry is a team of experienced platform engineers certified on multiple cloud platforms that can support your infrastructure for less than the cost of one internal hire. Reduce risk and free your team to focus on the acceleration of your value stream.

If you would like to discuss a Well Architected Review with Blue Sentry, complete the form below for a free consultation.